At Krystal Bay, we pride ourselves on being caring, understanding and joyful. We see every day as an opportunity for our patients to continue moving forward on the path to recovery and to provide a quality care and living that is both comfortable and nurturing. Our facility contains all the necessary amenities to ensure that each patient that comes to Krystal Bay has the greatest overall experience and medical staff to provide the greatest quality of life. 


Complimentary Amenities


  • Outdoor Patio with Waterfront View
  • Individualized Menu Selection
  • 3 meals daily 
  • Satellite TV Service
  • Local Phone Service
  • Array of activities


Krystal Bay has a full-time staff that is dedicated to keeping the patients engaged, excited and enthusiastic throughout the week. Krystal Bay strives to be all-inclusive by adding various religious services during the week to respect everyone beliefs. The facility also offer activities such as card games, dominoes, bingo, live music and entertainment and movies at various times throughout the week. Several times a month at Krystal Bay the residents have special events and outings (i.e. baseball games, restaurants and community dances) to also provide enjoyment outside of the facility.