I would like to take this opportuninty to thank your staff for all that you have done for my mother. It must be great to know that you have a staff who truly care about what they do everyday. They do it with style and grace. May God continuously bless you and your staff. 

R. R. , Resident 2016

Rehabilitation again was excellent and I attribute my father's recovery to this. I would like to add, I have never been around a staff so well trained and the most wonderful attitude. The attention to the small little things is second to none! 

J. G. , Resident's Family Member 2016

The nurses gave such good care, I applaud the team of nursing care and thank them for being on top of their game. 


E. A. , Resident 2015

Thank you for your proffesional expertise with your care and concerns for me from 3-15 to 6-15 everone unvolved has gone beyond the call of duty and I thank you from the bottom of my heart because of your service. Thier has been a place prepared for you from the foundation of the world. 

C. R. , Resident 2014

I personally thank Krystal Bay for making my stay so thorough and the therapy with Dr. Nickolas was just wonderful such kindness. 

E. M. , Resident 2013

The staff was so kind to me in my moment of distress. 

J. R. , Resident 2013